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Just another reason why Supernatural is owning my Netflix queue.

Hi, I’m J.A. Garrett, and one of my nightly rituals for the past two months or so is to watch an episode or two of Supernatural before I go to bed. I tried it on a whim a while ago. I didn’t think I’d like it, given that it is very much a monster of the week styled show with an occasional main story arc mixed in, a la The X-Files or early seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not saying that those are bad shows… they’re actually stellar shows! But I generally prefer more serialized shows that build on the previous episodes.

But there’s something about this show. Maybe it’s the camaraderie between Sam and Dean that’s so easy to relate to if you have siblings. Maybe it’s the fact that it almost feels like a mini horror movie in every episode. Maybe it’s how the show walks the tightrope between overly gory and safe for network tv at the same time. Maybe it’s the occasional funny episode packed with awesome that Ben Edlund writes.* Whatever it is, I really like the show, even if I think the writers flirt with references that are a little too old-fashioned for a big chunk of their fanbase (Sure, I know what I Dream of Genie is, but tumblr fangirls? Unlikely).

*Ben Edlund created The Tick. THE FREAKING TICK. For that alone, he is legendary to me as a kid who grew up watching and laughing at the cartoon. But if you watch Supernatural and keep an eye on the credits like I do, you’ll notice that every episode written by him is flat out hilarious.

I like to joke with my wife that I have a mancrush on Dean, played by Jensen Ackles. After seeing this in the credits of the episode I watched last night, my admiration glows just a bit brighter. Also, props to the showrunners for liking this outtake so much that they shoehorned it in for the fans to enjoy too.

Just watch this. It’ll be one of the best minutes of your day. I promise.


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