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I do apologize for not posting for most of last week. I had a massive post written up about different novel ideas I had, and did an exercise where I wrote blurbs (the sort of short summary you need to actually sell a novel) for each, to decide which one to write first. For first drafts, they came out pretty well, I thought.

And then wordpress decided to eat my post. Gotta say, that made me pretty angry, so I walked away for a while.

– Despite that, the exercise worked. I know what I’m writing next. For now, it’s called Synthetic Love. Cheesy title, I know, but it will change later. The blurb I wrote looked like this:

When Isaac Simons created the world’s first fully functional android, he thought he changed the world. But instead of creating a utopia, he destroyed the global economy – a mistake that he later paid for with his life at the hands of angry, bitter mob. Years later, his creations have gone berserk without warning or reason, causing destruction and chaos on a global scale.

A strange girl claiming to be his long lost daughter appears from obscurity, claiming to have a solution to stop the robots. But only one man believes her, and he might have had a hand with killing her father in the first place…

So, yeah. I’m going to start writing that today or tomorrow. Should be fun.


My quest to lose weight is extremely successful so far. Three weeks ago, I weighed 237 pounds. Then I resolved that I was going to lose as much weight as possible for my wedding in the middle of next month. So I took a few steps to realize that goal:

1) I stopped drinking soda. This was pretty big for me. I’ve been drinking at least a can of soda per day since I was a kid. Seemed daunting, and almost impossible. I almost felt like an alcoholic. But instead, I just drink a ton of water, and if that gets boring, I’ll supplement with some crystal light or legit fruit juice.

My poison of choice.

If I eat out at a restaurant, I WILL order a soda, don’t get me wrong. I don’t trust water quality just anywhere. But it’s mostly just a philosophy shift. I love soda. I still do, and I always will. But it should be viewed more as a treat than as a daily necessity.

2) I exercise every other day.  This is the really tough part. I vary my routine, depending on what I feel like doing. I’ll go to the gym and do the treadmill, I’ll use my kettlebell, or do some DDP Yoga. I just successfully completed the Diamond Cutter workout for the second time yesterday. I’m thinking about making it a weekly thing, as I am WRECKED today. Such a good feeling, though. I feel stronger every day. I’m pretty sure that I’m already in better shape now than I have been since college.


And… that’s it. It’s really that simple. As of now I have lost 8 pounds, and 2 inches off my waist. I hope to weigh somewhere between 220 and 225 by May 17th, which is when I’m getting married.


I had a bit of an old school weekend. By old school, I mean I didn’t do too much other than play games. Dark Souls 2 came out on Friday for PC, and I played it for hours and hours. I’ve been a fan of the series since Demon’s Souls for Playstation 3. I greatly enjoyed how hard it was, and the very subtle, understated storytelling the game had. Dark Souls carried on this tradition, and 2 is much the same, which is a pleasant thing to see. Maybe I’ll give it a full review when I beat it… probably won’t be much more than another week, I’m playing it a lot. A lot of people are complaining how hard it is, but I’ve only died a handful of times so far. Then again, there’s still a lot left to go…

Only 3 on 1? Too easy.


Anyhow, this is getting rambly. I’ll have better content soon, and hopefully this site won’t randomly eat it this time.




2 comments on “RAGE.

  1. TK
    April 29, 2014

    I found that method to work out for me as well. I wrote all my ideas down in a note book and picked the one I wanted to work on. The best thing is, all those ideas have an existence now. If I suddenly come up with a random idea for one of the other ideas, I can make a quick note in my notebook and move on with my story.

    My challenge now is figuring out a writing process that works well. Between work, friends, family and other hobbies, finding the time to writing can be crazy hard.

    • jagarrett
      April 29, 2014

      In my experience, it’s best to set yourself a minimum word count that you find reachable, and make yourself do that for 5-6 days a week.

      Back in the day, I used to do this at 2000 words, but given how hectic my life is now, I think I’m going to shoot for more like 1000 on this project.

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