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Curiously nerdy posts.

I hate running.

I’m going to change things up a bit today.

This post isn’t going to be about books, movies, video games, or anything related to entertainment. It’s going to be about physical fitness.

This probably shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, I have an issue with personal fitness. As a guy who likes to write, watch movies, play video games, and of course, read, this seems inevitable. After all, that’s a lot of time spent doing stuff that requires me to be sitting down in one place for hours at a time. Add in the fact that I have a bit of a soda habit and am not exactly too picky about my diet, and it’s easy to say I have a lot of room to improve.

As of this writing, I weigh 235.2 pounds. For a 6’2 man, that’s not too bad. It’s not that great, either. So I’m going to take steps to fix this. And also, I’m going to occasionally document my progress here. I don’t particularly desire to drop back down to the 185 pounds I was in college, but I don’t think dropping 20-30 pounds is out of the question. After all, a close friend of mine has dropped over 180 pounds doing little more than zumba, walking, and being very careful of calorie intake.

So, how am I going to accomplish this?

My plan goes a little like this.

– DDP Yoga. Yoga? What am I? Some new age hippie? Some kind of girly man who can’t cut it in the gym? Nope. As the tagline loves to boast, this ain’t your mama’s yoga. It uses calisthenics, weight training, cardio, and melds them together in the classic exercises designed to give you flexibility. I first learned about it because the man behind it, Diamond Dallas Page, was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid. He designed this as a workout he could do after his wrecked neck and back couldn’t take the gym anymore. But it’s grown into a major movement in the fitness world. Why? Well, results like this help:

Seriously, if he can do it, anyone can do it. And, like DDP, I want to be that guy who can do handstand pushups when I’m in my 50s. So I’m going to do this workout every other day.

– TRX Wednesdays! The TRX, originally designed by a Navy SEAL that wanted to get a decent workout anywhere he was deployed, no matter how far away from a gym he was, is an outstanding all-around workout tool. While DDP Yoga will help me hit everything, spending a day on the TRX will help me boost my overall strength, which is always nice. It uses your body weight as resistance, which means it can never really be too easy or too hard. Fantastic tool, if you use it right.

– Every day in between? Run. Let me clear this up right now. I hate running. Hate it. Every time I do it, I feel like I’m going to vomit out my soul and die on the ground. But if you want to get fit, there really is no substitute sometimes for just going outside and running. Even if you can’t run, as I mentioned, walking also does an amazing job if you’re consistent. So on days I’m not doing yoga or TRX, I’m just going to hit the road a bit.

-Curb the soda habit. I don’t really need to explain why soda is bad, do I? It’s delicious, but I need to replace it with something not super sugary. I should limit myself to a can a day, at best.

-Avoid bread products, and white potatoes. Bread is really bad for you too. Even whole grain bread. But I love sandwiches an awful lot. So I’m going to take a compromise here, and just avoid stuff like dinner rolls, pasta on the side, and what have you. And in the case of potatoes, always opt for sweet potatoes* if they’re available. They taste better anyway, if you ask me. I know you probably didn’t, but whatever.

*Quick, think of your favorite vegetable. Check out and see how healthy it is for you. Chances are pretty good that sweet potatoes have more nutrition in them. Yes, this includes greens.

– Drink water all the time. Nuff said. Everyone should do this.


But yes. This is my plan, as of today. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll add a weekly weight update here.

But for now, my number is 235.2. Time to drop those habits, and drop that weight.



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